Nobody Puts Jonathan Papelbon in the Corner

1221077695Jonathan Papelbon likes to dance. We thought his love for the art form started when the closer did a jig after the Red Sox clinched the AL East last year, but the moves continued through the World Series rolling rally. MLB has even created a stuffed bear that dances to “Shipping Up to Boston.”

But as we’ll see on Comcast SportsNet tonight, Papelbon’s love of dancing has been with him for years.

The network will debut a collection of clips titled “Jonathan Papelbon: The High School Years” during this evening’s episode of Mohegan Sun Sports Tonight. SportsNet has posted a short clip of the viewing party that took place in the Red Sox clubhouse on its website to whet our appetite.

David Ortiz describes the footage as “the top of the line kind of video,” and judging from the few seconds of Papelbon dancing with a dude in a blonde wig to “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” we’ve seen, we have to agree with Papi.

You can see the embarrassing footage of Cinco Ocho on Comcast SportsNet tonight at 6:30 p.m.

Video still from Comcast SportsNet website