The Rockefeller Circus Comes Back to Town

1220474318While Clark Rockefeller may still be holed up in the Suffolk County jail, it doesn’t mean he will stop making headlines anytime soon. The Globe reports that a Probate and Family Court judge has ordered the release of the divorce pact between Rockefeller and Sandra Boss, and may make even more documents from the couple’s divorce public.

For those of us who can’t get enough crazy stories about the phony blue-blood, it’s great news. Rockefeller’s lawyer, Stephen Hrones, is less excited.

“There are affidavits that go into extremely personal matters that are unrelated to the criminal charges,” Hrones said.

Hrones just allowed Rockefeller to talk about his marriage and divorce with two media outlets. Now he wants to declare the relationship off-limits?

Speaking of NBC, we saw a tease for Dateline that says the Rockefeller case will be discussed on Friday night’s episode about people pretending to be members of the famous family. We’ve got to remember to set the TiVo.

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