Two Tales of One Turbine

1219953732A couple of weeks ago, we lamented the ways the Herald and Globe’s perspectives were changing. The tabloid was gushing over Ted Kennedy and the broadsheet seemed to almost miss the power of the New England mafia of yore. Strange times, indeed.

But today, we’ve been reassured that the papers haven’t completely lost their way. The Globe and the Herald ran very different stories about Boston City Hall’s new mini-turbine.

From the Globe story, titled “At City Hall, a good use for all that wind“:

The rooftop turbine went up after several months of planning, and while the project may not be as ambitious as Menino once hoped, it serves a valuable purpose, according to [chief of the city’s environmental and energy services James] Hunt.

From the Herald story, titled “Wind turbine plan spins out of control“:

The Menino administration is turning red over efforts to go green as the bungled installation of a wind turbine on City Hall’s roof is running up a bill for taxpayers – all to create enough electricity to power just 19 lightbulbs.

This is why we love living in a two-newspaper town.