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1221051439City council gets clandestine: Boston’s councilors may ask the Legislature to grant them an exemption to the state’s open meeting law, saying the rules are unclear about what constitutes a meeting. [Herald]

Allston-Brighton residents make no secret of their disdain: A community task force that reviewed Boston College’s expansion plans wants the school to house its students on the existing campus, and impose a decade-long moratorium on further expansion into the neighborhood. [Globe]

Lovely: The mother of the two girls who died in a South Boston fire reportedly told police “I don’t have my license on me . . . you know, my kids perished in the fire” when she was stopped her for driving the wrong way down a one-way street. [Herald]

Co-op pays up: The board that rejected Elizabeth Grady chief executive John Walsh’s bid to buy a condo at 68 Beacon Street paid $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit brought by Walsh, who claims the board snubbed him because he’s Irish and not a blue-blood. [Globe]