Disability Abuse (Sort of) Solved!

1221145287Apparently, all the Boston Fire Department needed to do to end its disability-abuse crisis was to buy some treadmills and weights. Fire Commissioner Roderick Frasier has announced that every firehouse will receive exercise equipment, and that firefighters’ health insurance will cover more routine physical examinations.

“This is really a great step forward in dealing with a central issue in the fire department,” [National Fire Protection Association president James] Shannon said. “It’s something that the union indicated they were strongly supportive of, too.”

Now that the bad apples will have one less reason to say they’re disabled (they can now get into prime banana-hammock condition while on the job), taxpayers can expect to support fewer crooked jakes. Right? Right?

Maybe not.

Boston Deputy Fire Chief Peter Pearson, facing charges of rape and attempted rape, resigned yesterday and is seeking a pension that could pay him more than $75,000 a year.

And so it goes.