State Government Goes Green Like McCain

1219341475In a new campaign ad, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama paints John McCain as a computer-illiterate old man. Which is probably for the best—if temperamental McCain read liberal blogs, he’d probably keel over and we’d be left with Sarah Palin, much to the horror of Matt Damon.

But we shouldn’t be too hard on the Republican candidate. Maybe he’s an innovator. The Massachusetts state government, after all, is asking its employees to be better about keeping their computers turned off.

The state announced today that all non-essential computers will be set to go into sleep mode if not used for 30 minutes. Monitors will have 10 minutes before they go into standby mode, and employees will have to turn their computers off at the end of the day. The state estimates the moves will save $2 million per year and reduce the Commonwealth’s carbon footprint.

See? John McCain isn’t an out-of-touch septuagenarian. He’s just trying to save the planet, like Al Gore and Gisele Bundchen.

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