Matt Cassel Has His Day (and Some T-Shirts)

1221507676When we spoke to the creator of the Bernard Pollard Fan Club t-shirt last week, he correctly predicted that CafePress would be flooded with designs celebrating Tom Brady’s season-ending injury. Some of the shirts were flagrant ripoffs of his own. Others were text-heavy screeds against cheating. A precious few actually stung a little.

But much like Matt Cassel leading the Patriots to victory (suck on THAT, haters!), the team’s fans have risen to the challenge and created shirts that celebrate our new starting quarterback.

Cassel now has his own category on CafePress, which we’re guessing wasn’t the case before Brady’s injury. Someone updated the “Brady/Moss 2008” template with the backup’s name. Another shirt features a Photoshop-filtered image of Cassel with the text “i believe.”

Zazzle users also got creative. We like this “got cassel?” design, largely because of the “who knew?” that acknowledges the anguish Patriots fans felt after learning Brady’s season was over (and also rubs salt in the wounds of insufferable Jets fans).

For those who prefer to forget their pain, there’s the simple “In Cassel We Trust.” The former clipboard carrier is becoming popular with female fans, since someone created this “Screw Matt Cassel! If you don’t, I will” number.

Welcome to Gisele’s world, Mrs. Cassel!

The only thing we think is missing is a “No Hassle for Cassel” shirt. We’d make it ourselves, but our t-shirt design skills are sorely lacking.

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Images from Zazzle