Now Commenters Can Enjoy Living in a Two-Newspaper Town

When the Herald debuted its new website, we knew that the commenting feature was going to be a lot of fun. In the year the tabloid’s readers have been able to opine about the news, they have offered unabashed intolerance and the occasional flash of comedic brilliance.

1221499374Now the Globe’s readers can get in on the action. The broadsheet has added a comment field to its stories.

“It is our plan to allow for comments for all stories that have been printed in the Globe,” spokesman Bob Powers tells Boston Daily. Hallelujah!

Unlike on the Herald’s website, readers won’t be able to comment on wire reports, Powers said.

We noticed the new feature in the story about John McCain’s visit to the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. And while it’s still too early to tell if the Globe’s readers can match the Herald’s for entertainment value, at least they’re trying.

Don’t let the conservative whack-jobs out-comment you, Globe readers. We expect liberally-slanted hilarity from you in the weeks ahead.

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