Albert Arroyo: Back in Banana-Hammock

1221574597When we last left disabled bodybuilding firefighter Albert Arroyo, he had learned that the Boston Fire Department wouldn’t give him his job back. Since he seems not to have taken our advice to apply for a job in Newton, we wondered how the unemployed Arroyo would make ends meet.

Today we get our answer. Arroyo will reportedly be a “featured Man of Steel” at the International Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s Monster Mash in Marlborough on Nov. 1.

It’s familiar territory for the former firefighter. Arroyo was the overall men’s winner in the 2007 competition, so he knows the game. And now that he’s not burdened with the task of inspecting buildings for the Boston Fire Department, he can even attend weekly posing classes to make sure he does his best flexing at Monster Mash.

Just be sure to book your hotel early, Albert—you want to be sure you get the group rate.