Drilling for Votes

1221572984After all Massachusetts has done for the Democrats, you’d think the party’s leadership would try to do well by the Bay State. We’ve given them the Kennedy family and an almost guaranteed win in presidential elections, and now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decides to file legislation that could open up drilling on Georges Bank.

Is this retribution for the failures of Mike Dukakis and John Kerry?

Pelosi “doesn’t want some of the Democratic members – especially from the more conservative districts, and there are a lot of them – to lose their seats,” said former congressman Mickey Edwards, a lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs at Princeton University.

It’s not our problem that the Democrat-controlled Congress has such dismal approval ratings. Stop using our fishing grounds to appease swing voters in some podunk landlocked state because you guys can’t get your act together. If the North Atlantic coast is opened up to drilling, the government estimates that there’s enough oil to last the country 27 days. That wouldn’t even cover the entire month of February.

But what really gets us mad is the notion that the Democrats’ plan could damage the prime fishing ground. The haddock population on Georges Bank is starting to rebound after years of overfishing. If anybody makes it harder for us to get our fix of baked haddock, we’ll consider a vote for Jeff Beatty in November. Just to send a message to Washington.