Outside Interests Meddle in Our Ballot

1221069098Is anybody who lives in Massachusetts donating money to groups who support or campaign against our controversial ballot initiatives?

Both our newspapers report on where groups involved in two high-profile questions are getting their money. In the Globe, Adrian Walker laments the meddlesome out-of-state interests that are financing the popular marijuana decriminalization measure. And the Herald does what it does best—parades the loonies.

The tabloid reports that the Committee for Small Government collected 60 percent of its funds from out-of-state anti-tax advocates. Some supporters pick tomatoes in California, while others are financial managers who advocate “Biblical capitalism.”

It’s nice of the libertarians to try and free us from the tyranny of the tax man, but they won’t be the ones plunging into the Charles when the state can’t afford to repair the Longfellow Bridge because most of its funding has been wiped out.

In the broadsheet, A-Walk talks to several activists, who say they’re upset by the outsiders trying to influence the marijuana initiative.

“I’ve heard that the legalization lobby has targeted Massachusetts because this is a liberal state,” [Rev. Jeffery] Brown said. “What I need is someone to help me in the street, helping these young men and women get jobs and educations and rebuilding families. I don’t need a bunch of suburban folks asking what’s wrong with a little marijuana. It’s amazing that anyone would consider this.”

Perhaps the outside interests should team up and create a tax-free haven for pot smokers?