Trouble for Timilty

1221594823We know that Gov. Deval Patrick is willing to do a lot for his friends. He let Barack Obama borrow phrases from his speeches, and did voiceover work for State Senator Dianne Wilkerson in advance of today’s primary.

But we’re betting the governor isn’t this generous. PolitickerMA reports that Governor’s Councilor Kelly Timilty forged an endorsement from Patrick on a campaign mailing.

“Please join me in supporting Kelly Timilty for Governor’s Council,” the fake endorsement reads. “Kelly has proven time and again that she is up to the challenge of representing her district in the Governor’s Council.”

Sources close to the governor told that the statement did not come from Patrick and the signature at the bottom of the mailing is forged.

Wow. Pretty ballsy stuff from a woman who’s under fire for barely showing up for her $26,000 part-time gig.

Image of the mailing from