Boston Daily Celebrates Dane Cook Day

1221669526We expected to see legions of frat boys as the Boston City Council dubbed today Dane Cook Day. Instead, we found the councilors and city hall employees milling around the comedian, politely asking him for autographs and pictures. Cook graciously signed slips of paper while posing with the staffers, many of whom said they were getting his signature for their kids or grandkids.

“When you’re starting out, you never know what path you’ll take,” Cook told Boston Daily. “So the recognition is really flattering.”

Where was the profanity? Where were the hand gestures? Where was the hilarity?

It seems Cook was saving his material for the city council meeting. After a brief introduction from councilor John Tobin, who worked with the comedian during his days on Boston’s standup scene, Cook started a G-rated routine.

“The Japanese have a word—feng shui,” Cook said. “And you guys have really nailed it,” he quipped, looking at the cold city council chamber. “It’s like being inside a tomb.”

“I’m deeply honored to be here in Bedrock,” Cook continued, getting laughs from the councilors. He then hit a serious note, saying he wished his parents were in the gallery with his brothers and sisters to see him being honored by the council.

As Cook posed with the beanpot the city council presented him, he continued making jokes at city hall’s expense. “This room makes me want to take a nap,” he said.

“How do you think we feel?” a councilor replied.

Watch out, Dane—looks like someone on the council is gunning for your job.

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