Democracy, Aisle Two

My polling place is at the volunteer fire station in my rural hometown. The little old ladies who ask for my information before handing me my ballot always ask after relatives I didn’t even know I had. It’s charming, if kind of Big Brotherish.

1221659841But Worcester is moving the polling place from the traditional schools and fire stations and into new venues. Yesterday, some voters in the city got to vote at the grocery store, and they got free soda and donuts for their efforts!

That’s even better than the “I Voted” sticker.

It’s a brilliant idea. Whenever we go to the grocery store during the middle of the day, it’s full of old people buying prune juice and TV Guide, so that will save them an extra trip on election day. The random person will stroll in to pick up a pint of ice cream and will be reminded to vote. And the store benefits from people stopping in to do their civic duty and realizing they need some eggs or diet Coke.

We just hope the idea doesn’t end at Stop and Shop. During these troubled economic times, we’re looking for any excuse to go shopping. Set up some polling places in Copley Place and let’s continue to merge the two great American loves (shopping and democracy) in one convenient location.

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