Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1221671630Is that a cheap porn DVD, or a magazine cover? The premiere issue of Diamond, an unofficial Harvard magazine that features naked pictures alongside arts and entertainment coverage, is now available online. [Diamond-Mag via Harvard Crimson]

Hazel Mae has a blog: And it’s evidence why blogging should be left to the professionals. [Sawxheads]

At least McCain/Palin have a backup plan if that election thing doesn’t work out: Former governor Mitt Romney contradicted McCain surrogate Carly Fiorina’s assertion that neither candidate can run a business. “I’d be happy to hire John McCain and Sarah Palin to run a business that I’m an investor in,” Romney says. Brown-noser. [CNN Political Ticker]

As goes the Citgo sign, so goes the Sheraton Commander: The landmark sign on the Harvard Square hotel has been temporarily removed. When the sign returns, it will be lit with LED lights. [Cantabrigia]

And here’s what Bostonista and Chowder have for you.

We’re hungover because we had to be: Bostonista had too much mandatory fun.

Esti Parsons leaves Radius: We have the news on her next venture.

Cover from Diamond magazine’s website