The Timilty Fallout Continues

Embattled Governor’s Councilor Kelly Timilty kept her seat in yesterday’s election, handily beating challenger Robert Jubinville. We can only imagine the profanity coming from Jubinville’s office when PolitickerMA broke the news that his opponent forged an endorsement from Gov. Deval Patrick late on primary day.

We’ve had a day to process the scandal, and we still can’t fathom what Timilty was thinking.

Imagine it: You’re the incumbent for a race that few people actually care about. You’re paid $26,000 annually to hang out at the State House and approve the governor’s appointments and talk about treasury payments. Even if you don’t show up very often, again, few people notice.

But you decide you want more. So you forge the governor of the commonwealth’s signature and endorsement on a campaign document. Now both papers are covering you, and PolitickerMA is handing Patrick’s legal counsel the law he can use to take action against you.

The possible punishment? As much as six months in jail or a $1,000 fine. Ouch.

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