Advancements in Underage Drinking Punishments

1221749667Confidential to local high school students—life is not an episode of Gossip Girl. You do not live on the Upper East Side. Most of you do not summer in the Hamptons. And the adults in your life are not OK with you drinking your faces off in plain sight.

It’s a lesson the kids at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School are learning the hard way.

It seems that there was “widespread drinking” at the football team’s season opener. At least two kids had to be treated by medical personnel at the game, and police found four minors with alcohol on them.

But the 10th best public school in the state (as ranked by Boston magazine!) has a unique punishment for the little imbibers. Instead of canceling the prom or having one of those horrible assemblies, the school is capitalizing on a teenager’s biggest fear—being seen with his or her parents, which is a pretty ingenious punishment.

If students want to attend this week’s football game, they’re going to have to bring a parent or guardian to babysit them. So unless kids have a cool dad like Rufus Humphrey, they’re going to have to catch up on all the gossip on Monday. Well done, Lincoln-Sudbury.

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