This Week in Email Leaks

1221747467This week, the Internet is buzzing about the hacked Sarah Palin email account. Luckily for John McCain’s running mate, the most damning thing in her inbox was a picture of her kids making faces.

But let’s not forget about the email controversy we told you about last week. The Herald reports that the Globe may fire reporter Tania deLuzuriaga for her emails with a Miami-Dade school district official she covered for the Miami Herald.

And unlike Palin, deLuzuriaga’s emails are pretty damning.

In one, she calls then-associate superintendent Alberto Carvalho “baby” and tells him she hadn’t “shaven since [she] left miami.” And she’s not talking about her legs.

But more of interest to her current local employer are the emails in which she discusses stories with her paramour.

“I have not been sensitive to your position and helping you as you have been to me,” deLuzuriaga writes. “[Y]ou’re right– if it doesn’t compromise us professionally, we ought to act in ways that help one another[.]”

When the news broke, Carvalho insisted the emails were doctored, but has since admitted that the emails might be real. Carvalho says “It is possible I didn’t read them.”

Our local Herald says that deLuzuriaga’s managers want to fire her since she crossed a line in Florida, but that the reporter insists her work has been professional since she got to Boston.

The lesson to take away from all this? If you’re a public official or someone who covers them, behave yourselves. And if you’re just a regular person, be sure to change your email password frequently.