Dane Cook’s New Movie Not the Best Friend of Critics

1220019604Since we’re still nursing our Dane Cook Day hangover, we’ve been hoping to use the reviews of his latest movie, My Best Friend’s Girl, as a sort of hair of the dog. But as the Inside Track gleefully pointed out, the comedy wasn’t screened for critics, which is generally a sign that the film is not very good.

Undeterred, we did a quick Google News search and found two reviews. You will be shocked to know the critics are not impressed by Cook’s cinematic effort.

IGN Entertainment is relatively kind to the comedy, parts of which were filmed in Boston.

For a romantic comedy with a simple premise, My Best Friend’s Girl drags on and on. We must sit through an endless series of boy loses girl, boy thinks about girl, boy talks to friend about girl, and boy goes back after girl scenes. A 100-minute movie with only 30 minutes of plot may as well be a bladder-busting three hours long.

Canada.com is much less forgiving of the movie and the Arlington native who stars in it.

[Cook’s] is an elusive talent in contemporary cinema: if he didn’t exist, you’d have to wait until Will Ferrell was drunk.

The movie itself creeps along the bottom of the pool of R-rated teen comedies, a snail on the side of the Judd Apatow fish tank.

Hey, if movies had to make sense, what would Dane Cook do for a living?

Ouch. Well, at least the comedian got to have his day before the reviews came out.

What the #*$! Are You Laughing At?

Image from IMDb.com