Dane Cook Tries to Save His Apartment and His Muse

1220019604And we thought Jason Giambi’s slump-busting thong was a weird superstition. Dane Cook, who was evicted from his Hollywood apartment after he refused to clean up after his dog, filed paperwork with the court asking to keep the space because John Belushi and Steve Martin lived there, and Cook fears he’ll lose his muse along with his digs.

That’s a pretty new-agey philosophy for a guy who jokes about people being hit by cars. But it’s all there in the documents.

Scroll down to page 10 of the PDF. Cook explains that he chose to live in the building because of its long history of housing comedians, and upon moving in in 1996 he “felt a creative drive that [he] had never felt before.”

“[F]or me, this apartment has been the place where I’ve sat and worked on my comedy routines, and I can feel, and have felt, the presence of the true greats that lived there before me,” Cook’s petition continues. “[T]he apartment is both a place of inspiration to me as well as a place where I go to feel connected to the source.”

The Arlington native pledges to pay the rent his landlord wouldn’t accept during the trial, and offered a $40,000 check for his landlord’s legal fees. Cook also promises that any future dog doo will immediately be cleaned up.

If Cook views this Hollywood apartment as his “source,” perhaps he should have been a little more respectful and not allowed his dog to crap all over it. That pooch must be a prodigious pooper—if hard-partying Belushi lived there long enough to get his energy all over the place, these must be some pretty tolerant neighbors.

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