Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you spent all weekend lamenting the end of summer, it doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed.

Somebody hold us.

Governor Deval Patrick’s administration is considering widespread emergency cuts in the state budget after tax collections plummeted by $200 million in the first two weeks of September, fueling fears of a deeper financial crisis as the nation’s economic outlook worsens.

Oh, and our schools are leaving children behind. The price of oil is back up. Maybe it’s time to move to the Berkshires and go off the grid.

Star Simpson talked to BoingBoing about her arrest. Here’s the video.

Gov. Deval Patrick says he won’t pursue charges against Kelly Timilty for faking an endorsement from him. But if the cops want to, his staff would be cool with that. Just saying.

Bob Lobel is coming back to the local media scene, this time on the radio. He’ll host the morning show on Oldies 103.3.

Apparently, Americans aren’t dieting much anymore. Experts say it’s because there’s no trendy diet on the market right now. We’re guessing that with all the dire financial news, people figure to fatten up before the famine hits. Or, they’re going to enjoy the small indulgences they can afford, like cookies and Doritos.

Speaking of delicious food, Verrill Farm in Concord was destroyed by fire. Where will we get our pies and produce now?

Civilization comes to Eastie in the form of a tapas and martini bar. Thank heavens the populace won’t be stuck with corner bars and Salvadorian food!

Crimefighting hookers? We’d totally watch that.