Tom Brady Lives!

1222354746We agree with Margery Egan—in times of crisis, we feel the need to be comforted. In recent weeks, the institutions we once took for granted have fallen. And nobody seems to like the plans on how to carry on until things get better.

Did you think we’re talking about the financial crisis? That’s nothing. We’re talking about Tom Brady‘s season-ending injury. And unlike Egan, we’re getting some comfort today from the paparazzi.

The injured Patriots quarterback is walking! (OK, gimping.) But he’s upright! And able to get out of bed, even if he seems unwilling to shave.

If he’s well enough to run errands with Gisele Bundchen, we’re sure he’ll be back on the field next year. We just have to hope that the Patriots bailout package (in the form of Matt Cassel) works until the good times are back again.