Lawless Biking in the People’s Republic

1222442959To sum up our feelings about bicyclists in Cambridge, we need to twist a phrase from Good Will Hunting.

It is your fault.

Isn’t it nice to accept the blame once in a while? Say it again. It is your fault. If you run a red light, you deserve to get a ticket. It’s not the car’s fault. It’s not the pedestrian’s fault. It is your fault.

High gas prices and the green guilt of your average Cantabrigian has created an army of neophyte bikers that don’t understand the rules of the road. One biker pulled over while a Globe reporter was present had her helmet on backwards. Maybe we should be wearing a helmet, when we’re on foot.

Then there’s this guy.

“I go through stop signs all the time and down one-way streets, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be ticketed,” [Jack McCambridge (if that is his real name)] said. “Most Cambridge cyclists are much more responsible. I have my own rule of thumb, and that is: I ride safely.”

If you did that crap in a car, you’d be arrested. It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you’re on or in—traffic rules are there so others know what to expect. If you come barreling the wrong way down a one-way street with your helmet on backward, odds are you’re going to cause an accident.

We implore you to take a class at MassBike before you decide to peddle around Cambridge willy-nilly. You’ll learn how to follow the rules and keep yourself (and us) safe. And for the love of God, if you can’t put your helmet on the right way, the only bike you should be riding is the stationary one at the gym.