One of These Stories Is Not Like the Others

1218820909For the past week, the headlines have had a similar theme—the end of the American economy as we know it. Politicians who were once against interfering in Wall Street’s affairs are now offering troubled firms billions in bailouts. Congress and the White House worked all weekend to hammer out a plan that will satisfy everyone enough to pass and hopefully stop the bleeding.

So we got a case of journalistic whiplash when we read the Globe’s story about the opening of the Mandarin Oriental.

[H]ow are the super-wealthy handling the chaos gripping the stock market, financial institutions, homeowners? Does it affect the people who populate Boston’s new cathedral of wealth the way it does the rest of us? [Director of the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston Edward] Glaeser thinks it doesn’t.

“The people who are actually buying these apartments are not stretching to do so,” he said.

We’ve ridden roller coasters that were less jarring than that. Shouldn’t such an abrupt shift in tone come with a warning for pregnant women and people with heart conditions?