Save the Planet, See a Concert

1222715795Fans of Pearl Jam would be wise to start plotting a feigned illness now. That’s because the band’s guitarist, Stone Gossard, will be performing a show on Wednesday night at the Wilbur Theater and the best way to get tickets is to volunteer to plant trees in Mattapan on Wednesday morning.

Gossard has teamed up with Timberland for the company’s Dig It campaign. Two hundred volunteers will converge at the Mass Audubon Boston Nature Center to plant 300 trees. To thank the volunteers for their work, Gossard will perform with Vince Mira and Hank Khoir Wednesday evening.

If you absolutely can’t get out of the office to help during the day, a small number of tickets are available on Pearl Jam’s website for members of the band’s fan club, with proceeds benefiting Conservation International.

To sign up to plant trees and get your free ticket to Wednesday’s concert, head to