Chuck Turner Gets Ugly

We get through life without throwing ourselves off the Tobin Bridge by believing that for all their peccadilloes, people are inherently good. That they can look beyond their biases and judge another person by their actions. (Yeah, we watched a lot of Sesame Street as kids.)

1222892145Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner is doing his best to dissuade us from this point of view. PolitickerMA reports that Turner has endorsed Dianne Wilkerson for senate, and he did it in the classiest way possible.

Nah, we’re just messing with you. This stuff is awful.

Turner questioned Chang-Diaz’s Latina heritage, saying that he heard that she added “Diaz” to her last name when she first considered running for public office.

Turner said Chang-Diaz’s base is “part of the national group that thought Barack Obama getting the [Democratic] nomination was depriving white women everywhere of something they deserved to have.”

The councilor also said that Chang-Diaz has “no roots politically or socially or anything else in the Hispanic communities” in the district.

Thanks for elevating the discourse, Chuck! Way to help keep this race from getting uglier than it already was.

Photo from Boston City Council website