Plimoth Plantation Is Coming to Dinner

Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is only a month and a half away. And if you’re anything like us, you’re still looking for that special someone to bring home for the holiday. Someone who’s got their own sense of style and can add something to the conversation around the dinner table.

1222876561This year, you don’t have to suffer through an October of first dates in the hopes of staving off your grandmother’s questions about your personal life. Plimoth Plantation is giving history buffs the opportunity to bid on a “real” pilgrim or native Wampanoag for Thanksgiving dinner.

From the press release:

The two role players will arrive in-costume and in-character to bring history home like never before for one lucky eBay winner, whether that be a family, a historian, a group, or even a corporation!


The role players will travel anywhere in the United States to discuss Thanksgiving from the 17th-century perspective for up to two hours. After you’re done with the meal, the Wampanoag, or pilgrim, will get out of character and talk about the holiday from a modern perspective.

When placing your bid, remember that you’re responsible for flying the role player to your house (or providing ground transportation if you live in New England) and putting them up. In a hotel, you pervs. While a boyfriend would tolerate squeezing into the twin bed you slept on as a kid, these are professionals.

Bidding on the traveling role players starts tomorrow on eBay. Go to for more details.