Spanning the Web

Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1222879098Always in the hospital window, never on our toast: The Virgin Mary has made an appearance in the window of a Springfield hospital. [WBZ]

On second thought, maybe it’s good the Cheeseman didn’t go on The Biggest Loser: David Fioravanti, a local who won $100,000 during the first season of the reality show, has been indicted on seven counts of insurance fraud. [TMZ]

You’ve got to fight for your right to take pictures of the freaks you see on the T: In light of the controversy caused by a rider who photographed a Green Line driver letting his kids in the driver’s seat of a train, Dan Kennedy argues that MBTA shouldn’t harass riders who want to take pictures. [Media Nation]

In related news, water is still wet: The Herald endorses John McCain. [PolitickerMA]