A Certain Investment in Uncertain Times

1222962112With the economy in uncharted territory, we’ve pretty much given up hope of ever securing enough credit to buy our own home. But that doesn’t mean we’re totally unwilling to invest in real estate. Today’s Herald reports that we’d be wise to snap up a sweet burial plot now before the Baby Boomers buy them all up.

Sounds like a good plan to us.

While skyrocketing, the price of an eternal resting place is much more affordable than even the most dilapidated foreclosure. The poshest spots in the Mount Auburn Cemetery cost about $40,000. The Blue Hill Cemetery in Braintree will cost about $1,500. Even in these poor markets, we’re sure we could finance that.

Another upside to buying our spot now? If credit becomes even more scarce, we’ll use the space before we die. Just dig a hole, throw a tarp over the top, and kick it Bugs Bunny-style.

We love it when a plan comes together.