Boston Daily’s VP Debate Drinking Game

1222960603We spent our whole childhood being told that we shouldn’t allow strangers into our home, so the idea that supporters of Barack Obama and John McCain are hosting debate parties for any crazy with an Internet connection doesn’t sit well with us.

Especially when people like this show up.

Ed Roggenkamp, a Harvard law student, and his wife, Thalia Goldstein, a PhD candidate at Boston College, don’t have a television, so they searched the Obama website.

Now that’s elitist.

Whether you’re inviting unknown people into your home for tonight’s debate, or sitting on your friend’s couch to watch the gaffe-fest go down, nothing helps watching America’s future like alcohol. It’s time to stock up on the booze and prepare yourself for a little drinking game.

For every folksy saying Sarah Palin uses, take a drink. Then put lipstick on a pig or a bulldog, whichever is available.

When Joe Biden calls Palin “clean,” take a drink and put your foot in your mouth.

When Palin mentions a foreign leader she met on her trip to New York a couple weeks ago, take a drink. Take another if she mispronounces his or her name.

Actually, that same rule can apply to Biden too.

Whenever you think Boy, I can’t wait to see what Tina Fey does with this on Saturday Night Live this week, drink. Then set your TiVo.

When Biden mentions the time he and John Kerry were stuck in the mountains of Afghanistan last year, pour a little out for the Massachusetts senator, who’s forced to watch this election from the sidelines.

Whenever Biden mentions his hometown of Scranton, take a swig and hum the theme song to The Office before swallowing.

If Palin names a publication she reads, finish your drink. If she says Cosmopolitan or O, pour another drink and finish that one too. It’ll help to numb the pain.