Politicians Should Leave the Prognosticating to the Pros

1222970863We may not be Steve Schmidt or David Axelrod, but we know a few things politicians should avoid if they’d like to be elected. They should not cheat on their wives who have cancer. Trolling for gay sex in an airport bathroom is also a bad career move. And for the love of God, don’t drive a tank.

We’d like to lay forth a new rule for politicians: Please don’t talk about baseball.

Today, John McCain announced he’d like to see the “sentimental favorite” Red Sox win the World Series.

We love the Red Sox, but even we have to admit that the Cubs are the people’s choice. If the Sox don’t capture the title again, let those poor bastards have it. Then maybe Steve Bartman can finally show his face again.

McCain joins a long list of politicians who’ve botched sports talk. Ted Kennedy famously called Sammy SosaSammy Sooser.” Hillary Clinton has flip-flopped on whether she roots for the Cubs or the Yankees. During a debate last year, Mitt Romney said he waited “87 long years” for the Red Sox to win the World Series.

If politicians don’t actually care about sports, they don’t have to talk about them. It’s OK. Voters would rather they obsess on cleaning up the economic mess or sorting out the situation with Iran than keeping up with their fantasy baseball team.

Photo from John McCain’s senate page