The Turnpike Authority to Disband?

1222955874Last night, FOX ran one of our favorite episodes of The Simpsons— “The PTA Disbands.” Ms. Krabappel and Principal Skinner are discussing how to end a teachers strike at a meeting. Ms. Krabappel says that teachers they need more supplies to educate the children, and the crowd coos its approval. But when Principal Skinner tells the citizens that move will bring higher taxes, they boo.

This reminds us of the Turnpike Authority. Drivers don’t want to pay higher tolls (Yay!), but they also loathe the steps the agency is taking to save cash. (Booo!)

To avoid paying costly overtime, the Turnpike is doing as much construction as possible during the day. This ties up traffic, leaving legions of cab drivers and chauffeurs irate.

Turnpike director Alan LeBovidge sums it up nicely.

“I understand it causes some inconvenience; but at the same time people say, ‘Don’t charge us more,’. . . They can’t have it both ways.”

We say do all the daytime construction you want if it means not having to pay $8.50 to get through the tunnels. Especially since drivers can check the Turnpike Authority’s website for a list of closures before they get in the car. Check that website while you can, it may not be around much longer.

Gov. Deval Patrick is expected to announce today that he will dissolve the debt-addled agency. Patrick is going where many have tried, but none have succeeded. Coming off his police-detail maneuverings, he may be feeling the hot hand.

Little advice for you Guv: Just make sure that the services are good (Yay!) and it won’t cost us (Booooo!). See how easy we are to please.