Things Aren’t Rosie for Sandra Bernhard

1222977012Sarah Palin isn’t only hunting moose—she’s also taken out Sandra Bernhard.

Well, not literally. Bernhard was scheduled to appear at a benefit for Boston women’s shelter Rosie’s Place on Oct. 16. But then the organization found out Bernhard made some rather crass remarks about Palin during a show a couple of weeks ago. Rosie’s Place uninvited Bernhard, and is looking for a replacement.

Let’s see if we can’t help them find someone who’ll be a little nicer to Palin.

Margaret Cho
She’s controversial, just like Bernhard. But she too has earned her share of contempt for saying she wants to “steam up [Palin’s] glasses.” Cho also called Palin a “misogynist.” Hmmm, still not very nice.

Tina Fey
Turns out, Fey isn’t doing the Palin impressions out of love. After the Emmys, the comedian said “I want to be done playing this lady Nov. 5.” Plus, the stress of filming 30 Rock and the Palin skits on SNL might make her extraordinarily volatile.

Ellen DeGeneres
The openly gay talk show host and former stand-up comedian probably isn’t a fan of Palin’s views on gay marriage. But she can let her guests ramble as much as they want about the dangers of John McCain’s running mate without looking like a blowhard. And everyone loves Ellen! Because she dances!

There you have it, Rosie’s Place. See if you can’t get Ellen to boogie her way across the country to help you out.

Photo of Sandra Bernhard from her MySpace page