Dustin Pedroia, The Little Caballito?

1223040326OK, I missed it. I had the sound down because Chip Caray makes my ears bleed, but did he really call Dustin Pedroia, “Caballito” as in, The Little Pony? Chip, buddy. Pal. Can I ask you a question?

WTF Chip? Even for you that’s batshit insane.

So, the story goes that Buck Martinez, Chip’s analyst, hears from David Ortiz that the Latin players call Pedroia, caballito. Being the true professionals that you are, I’m sure you considered that Papi was yanking your chain. Right? Guys?

“How many times when we saw the Red Sox this summer did they talk about caballito, Dustin Pedroia, the little pony?”

How about never?

“Pedroia’s a horse, there’s no question about that,” Martinez said. “We take a lot of pride in the way we present games. We want to tell the fans something they don’t know about their hometown team and we did that last night.”

Ha-ha-ha-ha. No, you didn’t.