Now That’s a Debate!

1223056384Much like Stella needed a tropical vacation full of sweet, sweet lovin’ to get her groove back, we needed an all-out brawl to recover our lust for competition. We were shockingly passionless about the ALDS, and the vice presidential debate left us sad for the future of the country, not riled up and ready to fight.

Thank God Barney Frank decided to appear on The O’Reilly Factor last night. After watching those two blowhards get into a shouting match, our bloodlust is back with a vengeance.

Your recap: Oohhh, Bill O’Reilly calls Frank a coward! Then the Massachusetts congressman counters by saying, “Here’s the problem with going on your show—you start ranting, and the only way to respond is almost to look as boorish as you.” Burn!

With all the bellowing that gets squeezed into a six-minute clip, they both deserve to get their mics cut.

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