Spanning the Web

1223316342Taking you around the Internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

Global Markets Pummeled by Rising Recession Fears: That’s the headline on CNBC. The story won’t make you feel any better. [CNBC]

Why is it that Bluto Blutarsky is so smart and professionals are so dumb: Howard Wolfson makes like Dan Shaughnessy and declares the election over a month before the actual election. Nothing is over until we decide it is! [The New Republic]

It comfortably fits 250: The world’s largest sofa, ladies and gentlemen, and no it’s not from Ikea. [Cambridge Chronicle]

They left out Devern Hansack for some reason: Firejoemorgan puts us in a better mood this afternoon by torching SI’s Jon Heyman’s pick of Frankie Rodriguez for MVP. Honestly, you’d think baseball writers would stop being so willfully stupid by now. [Firejoemorgan]