Is Tom Menino’s Season Over?

1223491847This afternoon, the Herald reports that Mayor Tom Menino will have surgery on the knee he injured during the 2007 World Series celebration. Since we’re still a little skittish about local celebrities and their injured knees, we called Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce to see if Hizzoner had suffered a season-ending ACL injury like Tom Brady.

“No, it’s not his ACL,” Joyce said. “We don’t really know what happened to him.”

Joyce reminded us that she’s not a doctor, but that she understands that the mayor will undergo a routine procedure on Friday. He’ll retain control of the city, since he’ll only get a local anesthetic, so City Council President and former acting mayor Maureen Feeney will have to put her redecorating plans on hold again.

Will this affect Menino’s grueling schedule of ribbon-cuttings? “He won’t be sitting on the DL for too long,” Joyce says. Perhaps we’ll see Hizzoner hobbling around Hyde Park on crutches? “Maybe,” Joyce tells us.

Not to make light of the mayor’s pain, but that would join the blueberry suit and Italian gang-signs in the annals of excellent Menino pictures.