Mike Ross for (City Council) President

1219415931When our MySpace friend and honorary Boston Daily blogger Mike Ross didn’t return our phone call this morning, we instantly assumed the future City Council President was now too cool for us. So we tried him again, fully prepared to describe the hurt we felt inside.

“Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier,” Ross said when he picked up the phone. “I’ve been kind of busy with Yom Kippur.”

God, we can be such jerks sometimes. But Ross took some time to talk about his possible promotion to head of the City Council.

Ross won’t officially be elected until Jan. 5, but it was announced yesterday that he had enough votes. Ross said the council decided to make the announcement so far in advance due to the council president term limits.

“We can’t help that speculation occurs,” Ross tells us. “This brought the body together. The City Council functions best when it works together.”

Ross assures us this wasn’t some kind of message to Mayor Tom Menino. “That’s a misread of the current configuration,” he said. “We have a broad-based coalition. Councilors who are supporting the mayor, or who might be running, are all committed to the cause of the council.”

The councilor wouldn’t say if he has any big plans, like the Civic Summit developed by Feeney. “I haven’t been elected yet, so I won’t discuss any plans until that day occurs. It’s still Councilor Feeney’s watch.”

Any chance he’ll be the city’s first blogging City Council President? “I’ve considered the occasional blog,” Ross says. “But my time is about to become more scarce.”