The Advantages of Pallin’ Around with Sal

Perhaps our plan to hustle and gamble our way through the economic crisis isn’t the best one. Instead of putting our capital toward scratch tickets or trying to hustle with the pool sharks, maybe we should invest our time in hanging out with House Speaker Sal DiMasi.

It seems everyone he’s good friends with come into a lot of money.

The Globe reports that three of DiMasi’s friends and business associates earned a total of $1.8 million from Cognos ULC and its sales agent Joe Lally around the same time the state awarded the software company a $13 million contract.

None of the payments had been reported to the Secretary of State, which is a violation of the law.

DiMasi still maintains he didn’t help Cognos land the rushed contract. But it’s a remarkable coincidence that he knows all these men who could make such bank for their lobbying work. That Sal DiMasi is one lucky charm.

The Inanity Defense

Photo by John Goodman