The Week That Was

Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (we love October baseball edition).

Wait, what? The Committee for Small Government uses some fuzzy math to argue for Question 1.

Making the economic crisis more fun: Economist Nancy Kimelman gives us the financial news drinking game.

We knew him when…: Our pal Mike Ross will (probably) become City Council President. Here’s how he did it.

No sleep, even when at Fenway: ALCS Game Three had us worried.

“Party of death” would make a great metal band: The Catholic church becomes a single-issue voter.

Now that’s some memorabilia: How you can own the 1912 World Series trophy.

Sorry about our inability to bring the funk.

Knock it off, or you’re going to bed without dessert: Local cops get childish about losing detail work.

Of course she does: Sarah Palin loves the Tampa Bay Rays.

Menino on the DL: Spokeswoman Dot Joyce says his injury isn’t career-ending (much to the dismay of Sam Yoon, we’re guessing).

The Possibilities of Sainthood: BU professor Donna Freitas talked to us about her young adult novel and teenage sexuality.

Cry us a river: Bankers and traders are landing on the therapist’s couch as the market collapses.

Speaking of issues: Female voters don’t vote for their fathers, thanks very much.

They’re rich, but probably not that rich: Mad fan Bart Steele is suing Bon Jovi for $400 billion.

Give us a Red Sox cap, or give us death: We don’t believe Jeff Beatty’s excuse for wearing a Yankees hat.

Sarah Palin’s coming to New England! We predict her itinerary.

That’s all for this week. If you need us, we’ll be cheering on the Sox.