Won’t Anyone Think of the Children?

1223650800Since it worked so well with our magazine’s nuns and buns ad, the Herald decided to start a minor kerfuffle by finding two women who are upset that the MBTA allowed advertisements for Zack and Miri Make a Porno on bus shelters.

“Children will see it and say, ‘That’s for me,’ ” [Wheelock College professor Diane Levin] said. “And because they want to understand what things mean, they’ll ask ‘What’s titillating, Mom? What’s porn?’ ”

We got one. Why not voice your outrage over the sperm donor ads on the Red Line? Those things creep us out.

Anyway… We ride the bus with children, and have found that most of them are too busy with their Game Boys or issuing high-decibel screams to display any intellectual curiosity, so let’s just calm down here. The kids are going to learn about pornography at some point.

Why not have an honest discussion while waiting for the 57 bus instead of leaving little Timmy to learn about the wide world of skin flicks after an ill-advised Google image search?

It’s the wonderful thing about raising a child in the city—there are learning opportunities everywhere!

Movie poster from IMDB.com