Together: A Music, Art, and Technology Mashup

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Anne Hobbes will play a set at the Paradise on Sunday, April 24.

Okay, so maybe my days of hitting up electro shows peaked when I was clubbin’ my way through Europe eight years ago, but I’ll have you know this: They were some of my favorite nights out, ever. As a single 20-something in Boston, I may not have a ring on my finger or a baby brewing, but I can still go out any night of the week and shake what it took my momma nine months to make, thanks to a fondness for dancing to loud music. And I intend to do just that.

The second annual Together festival is a weeklong series of concerts, discussion panels, demos, and seminars running day and night that all angles of electronic music, production, art, and technology. The full lineup is available here, but a few highlights we’re looking forward to are the Body Electric panel-cum-demo on innovations in motion-sensitive technology on Wednesday, April 20; DJ Dara at the Phoenix Landing on Thursday, April 21; and (of course) the silent disco at Think Tank on Saturday, April 23.

The fest was cofounded by Weekly Dig editor David Day and Cornerstone Production account manager Mike McKay, both of whom worked together for years organizing events in Boston (Thunderdome, anyone?). “One of the key elements of a festival is that you want it to speak to where it’s from,” says McKay. “In Seattle they have rock music, in San Fran it’s technology. So what is the foundation, the core element, of Boston and of New England as a region? It’s education and technology.” Together is partnering with universities such as Northeastern, Berklee, and the New England Conservatory for demos and seminars, while live shows cap off evenings at various venues throughout the city, making for one fabulous fest, indeed — one that’s building a distinct identity on the eastern seaboard, according to McKay. “I really think the main difference [from other festivals] is the community involved in creating and supporting this festival. That’s why it’s called Together.”

Tickets for events can be purchased a la carte; or you can buy passes at discounted prices for the whole shebang through the festival’s website. A regular pass ($95) gets you into every event with the exception of the Switch and Anton Piete shows, which you can access with the “plus pass” for an extra $15. For more ticket information click here.

Prices and locations vary, April 18–24,