A Farewell to a Hot Professor

Well, this is a sad day for Boston. BU’s student newspaper, the Daily Free Press, is reporting that the hottest prof in the city could soon be done here. We are talking of course about Lesley Yoder, the BU French teacher and PhD candidate who is set to graduate this month. How renowned are the looks of Mademoiselle Yoder? Back in 2006, we wrote about how RateMyProfessors.com — a site that collects student evaluations of profs — had her listed as the number one hottest teacher in all the country. We reported:

One of Yoder’s pupils suggests in a post that she don a certain pair of jeans a bit more often. But Yoder laughs it all off. “I don’t take it seriously or get offended. But then, I’ve got mostly favorable ratings, so it’s easy for me to say.”

The Daily Free Press says that Yoder came in fourth place this year in RateMyProfessors.com’s standings, but that has hardly diminished her place in our hearts. Au revoir, Miss Yoder. We’ll always have BU.