Key Workout Secrets

Pacheco and Olympic swimmer Kim Vandenberg

Pacheco and Olympic swimmer Kim Vandenberg

I pride myself on being an expert in perfect partnerships… of the wellness variety. I’m a matchmaker of sorts, and I’ve created some workout combinations for you. On the heels of the royal wedding, I reveal some compatible pairs of healthy activities, with my predictions for whether or not they can live happily ever after:

Running & Yoga: For me, this is the ultimate coupling. One bounces and bops along, while the other stays steady and serene. They’d do just fine on their own. (Can you imagine Running needing anyone?) But together, they’re a force of endorphins and oms to be reckoned with.
Runaway bride or going the distance? Lasting happiness, with enough simmering tension (they’re both so independent) to keep things interesting.

Yoga & Boxing: Hang around the yoga community long enough and you’re bound to sense its proclivity toward too much flakiness and femininity. Offended? Then, put down the healing crystals and get in the ring. OK, perhaps that was a bit harsh. (After all, my crystals are resting in the soil of a houseplant right now, to cleanse their energy. No joke.) I kid because I know first-hand the dangers of drinking too much kumbaya yoga Kool-Aid: I’ve done it. It’s one of the reasons I started three years ago, to create an authentic place online to talk yoga shop without the “blissfully abundant goddess” routine. Forgoing asanas in favor of ass-kicking might be just the dose of yang to balance all that yin.
How many rounds will it last? You know what they say: Opposites attract.

Golf & Meditation: Golf is a fickle game — maddening even. The best golfers know this and accept it. reader, friend, and professional golfer Andy Matthews once told me (of meditation), “It’s one area of a golfer’s game that can benefit [him/her] most, by letting go of what happened previously and focusing on the present shot.”
Linked for life? Meditation releases old baggage, essential for any successful long-term relationship.

Swimming & Cycling: Take the shredded upper body of a swimmer, pair it with the diesel legs of a cyclist and you have a sporty lovechild to rule any fitness kingdom. Together, this dynamic duo creates a well-rounded training program for athletes of many levels, from aspiring triathletes to members of the U.S. Olympic swim team. My pal Kim Vandenberg (pictured), who swam at the Olympics in China and currently trains in France reveals that her teammates often hit the road en velo to take their pool training to the next level (likely with mountainous rides of up to 3 hours). I’ve also found that swimming is a wonderful way to rehabilitate tight or tired hips, a pitfall of cycling.
Time to take the plunge? Try it, even if it’s just a summer fling.

Hoops & TRX: Hoops superstars like Carmelo Anthony and Chauncy Billups are smitten with TRX Suspension Training. Developed by a Navy SEAL, this portable training tool is a favorite among cutting edge trainers, on-the-go types, and uber athletes who want to defy gravity.
King and queen of the fitness world?
These two could form a strong bond that would be tough to break.

Readers: Do you have a favorite pair of workouts or wellness activities? Please share.