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Audio: Romney Calls the Herald “Truthful and Interesting.” They’ve always had a difficult relationship, but it was nothing time and an active campaign for president couldn’t heal. [HuffingtonPost.com]

Mass. Senate Plans to Cut $1.5 Billion in Spending. Senate chairman Stephen Brewer estimates the new plan could save communities $100 million a year. [WBUR.org]

Globe Not for Sale, Says New York Times CEO. In other news, Aaron Kushner is sitting on $200 million. [Poynter.org]

Is Brady’s Man Purse Alienating Pats Fans? [BleacherReport.com]

Boston Woman Leaves Carnegie Deli as Prominent Pickle Eater. Brenda Matthis isn’t sour about third place — or the 1.17 pounds of pickles in her stomach. [NYDailyNews.com]