Daily Feed

Video: First Romney Attack Ad. A new political group led by two former Obama aides plans to blanket the airwaves in South Carolina, where Romney will be for the weekend. [TheNewYorkTimes.com]

Cubs Return to Fenway. A lot has happened in 93 years — except, of course, Chicago winning the World Series. [MLB.com]

Attorney Barry Wilson Gets the Clink for Contempt. Judge calls Wilson’s behavior “atrocious” and “the worst [he’s] seen in 20 years.” [Boston.com]

MBTA Scammed Out of Millions in Fake Passes. Well, at least our public transportation isn’t already in serious debt or anything. [WBUR.org]

Forbes: Mark Wahlberg, Tom & Gisele Among Most Powerful Celebs. Aww, but what about Matt and Ben? [Forbes.com]