Scott “Glass Jaw” Brown

US Senator Scott Brown sure seems fragile as of late.It comes out that he rarely takes questions from the press. Instead, he only issues prepared statements. Doug Rubin has a good summary of why right here.

Brown marched himself out as “the guy” to assure us that Osama Bin Laden had been killed.Why? He’d seen the highly classified photos — except the photos he saw were fakes. It seems they were the same ones circulating to everyone on Facebook. Of course when this was pointed out, Brown hid from the press again. He still won’t say how he was duped.

The Senator wants to be everything to everyone on the Ryan budget/Medicare issue. Back-and-forth he went. He “thanked God” for it, told people he was voting “for” it. He then corrected himself to say he was voting “on” it and then finally he said he was “against” it. Facepalm?

And to keep it up, just two days ago he overreacted to a mistake by the Globe and fired off a missive scolding the editor.

All of this adds up to a Senator who once seemed invincible and now appears a bit more, well, whiny, uncertain, and… beatable.