Daily Feed

A Poem of Paul Revere’s Ride, Revised by Sarah Palin. (With apologies to Longfellow.) [TheAtlantic.com]

National Grid Coughs Up $1 Million for Winter Storm Response. Or, rather: lack of a response. [Boston.com]

Google Debuts Real-Time Data with Boston’s Buses. Now, if Google could just do something about getting the buses to arrive on time. [Google.com]

Jonathan Papelbon Reaches 200 Saves, Honors Mariano Rivera. “I’ve always called him the godfather,” said Papelbon. “I’m here because Mariano made this role what it is today.” [NESN.com]

Celebrating the 1986 Celtics Team. And their Salaries. Their 12-man roster earned a combined $12 million, less than what Paul Pierce took home last season. [ESPN.com]