Daily Feed

Video: Boston Convention Center Expansion Approved by Panel. The first step toward the multi-billion dollar expansion came yesterday when a state panel approved the project, which will add additional meeting facilities within the center and a headquarters hotel. [myfoxboston.com]

Dragging on, Goodell, NFL Officials and Locked-Out Players Meet Near Boston. The thick, grey haze looming over the city this morning is just the calm before the storm that is the current state of the NFL lockout negotiations. [USAToday.com]

Governor Patrick Approves $15 Million to Aid Mass. Tornado Victims. More than one-quarter of the $54 million spending bill includes funds to individuals, businesses and families impacted by the tornado three weeks ago. [WAMC]

Menino Calls Out Nike Display: ‘Fine Line Between Edgy and Stupid.’ The mayor says the Nike T-shirts on display at a Back Bay storefront promote drug use and send the wrong message to youth. Nike says “Nooo waaay, maaann.” [Huffingtonpost.com]

8.5 Million Watch Bruins Win Cup; Highest NHL Viewership Since 1973. While the Bruins are the big winners, NBC also came out on top of the Nielsen Ratings for the first week since New Year’s. Moral of the story? Bruins = winning. [Businessweek.com]