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Whitey Bulger: Found Frail and Paranoid, an Illusion of the Past. The scene in Bulger’s Santa Monica, Calif., apartment was quiet, nearly incoherent — and probably unlike he ever expected his arrest to go down. Bulger is due back in Boston today with his girlfriend, Catherine Greig. [LATimes.com]

In Southie, Residents Express Mixed Memories of Bulger. Residents of Bulger’s old neighborhood share anecdotes of the mob boss’s good side. Like how he held doors open. [NYTimes.com]

Winklevoss Twins Try Again with Facebook Suit in Federal Court. The twins now want a federal judge to investigate whether Facebook intentionally or inadvertently suppressed evidence. Reality now includes more plot twists than the movie. [LATimes.com]

With Borrowing Binge, MBTA Bailout Seems Likely. “It would be extraordinary for the MBTA to tackle these issues alone,” said Richard Davey, MBTA general manager. Extraordinary? Before sending cash, someone please send the MBTA a dictionary. [Bizjournals.com]

NBA Draft: Celtics Pick Power Forward Johnson in First Round. Big Ten Player of the Year JaJuan Johnson joins the roster along with Purdue teammate E’Twaun Moore. Must watch: this and this. [ESPN.com]